Internet Obsession

I met a girl on the internet during the time I was single and looking. That day, when we met, it felt special since we had a lot in common. It felt like we knew each other for ages. A few months passed and I was falling in love with her; we exchanged phone numbers and pictures. On the pictures she would send me, she was beautiful and that had my heart steaming to meet her. Then, the day came to meet each other face to face and, trust me; it was not a pretty sight. She did not look anything like in the pictures; she was obese and was not ever going to be Ms. USA, not even if her life depended on it. I asked her what happened, why didn't she look like the pictures? She responded that it was her friend in the pictures and she was desperate to find a boyfriend since she had never had one. So, being the open minded person I was, I dated her once and left. That girl now claims she has feelings for me. It's so crazy! I had to report her to the cops; she was following everywhere I go. She kept on calling me to get back with her. That is the first and last time I would hook up with someone on the net.

— Chris, 21

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