Consequences of Dating

I met Susan through a counseling center I was attending for a DUI. Susan is the daughter of the office manager there. She had been through the DUI deal herself and was teaching some of the classes to become a certified counselor. Note, by law a client is not supposed to have intimate contact with a counselor, but we kept it under wraps. Susan and I would sometimes talk after class. Her mother would drop hints to me, and I figured she was trying to hook us up. They knew I was on home detention. Asked if I had a girlfriend, I jokingly replied, "Are you kidding? With this ankle monitor on?" The first time I came to class with ankle monitor removed, Susan's interest seemed to go up a notch. We talked after class and she invited me to join her, her dad, and some of their friends on a night out. I agreed. We all met at a large bar and grill to play pool and some darts. I wasn't supposed to drink, but I'm not on Anabuse. I only had 2 beers. Susan's dad invited me for a one on one dart game, telling me how interested Susan is in me. So we started dating. She would always drive because I don't have my license, so I didn't mind shelling out some extra money for our dates. Her mother told me about some of her mischief growing up; sometimes I had a weird notion about her. I dismissed that because I wanted to date again. We did become intimate and she reassured me she was practicing birth control. One night, I went out alone to a different place and I saw Susan in the far side of the joint, drunk and kissing some other guy. I slammed my drink and left before she saw me. I thought I was her one and only! Then, 2 days later, she called and said she saw me that night and why didn't I come over and say hello? My only answer was to hurl the phone through a closed window, as well as my fist through a door. When I returned for my counseling class the next week, Susan was not there and the head counselor (not Susan's mother) informed me that I will have to finish my counseling elsewhere. Also, I was looking at another court date for "inappropriate conduct with a counselor." This extended my probation. Here's the real blow, I had to take a paternity test because Susan found she's pregnant! Fellas, take it from me, it won't kill you to exercise some control as well as your sixth sense.

— Keith, 25

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