Uncomfortable Morning After

A few years ago, I met this girl at a club while waiting in line for the bar. She was cool and funny and seemed to think that I was, too. She gave me her number; we went out a few times, etc. Then she left for Arizona to visit a sick parent or something and we lost touch. Months later, I was stuck in traffic near Christmas time and bored, so I started calling everybody in my cell phone and wishing them merry Christmas. One of the people I called was her, and lo and behold, she was back in town and doing well. We thought we should get together. So, I decided that I should overlook a couple of weird things that had happened around the time she left (calling just before a date and saying she was sick and couldn't go, her phone getting cut off/disconnected so I couldn't get hold of her, etc.) and accept her invitation to a friend's New Years Eve party. The party was great. There were a few other people there that I knew, and some cool people that I didn't, and she was vivacious, partying, and sexy. We had come in separate cars and I left about fifteen minutes later than she did, but I saw that she had called my phone in between, so I called back. We were both talking about what a good time we had and how it was too bad it had to end. But, did we want it to end? Guess we didn't! So, she gave me directions to her place, I came over and we got going, but it really wasn't all that good. She had a houseguest that she didn't want to disturb, she smoked, she didn't want oral, and was tender up-top, so it was very awkward in the end. But, I think we would both have still given it another shot. I asked her in the morning while she was making coffee if she wanted to go out for breakfast, she said yes, she did, but something about her guest. He woke up a little later and I thought, "Good, now we can go" (I had things to do; it was a day off after all!). She was still running around in just a shirt and not ready to go. Then, she started talking about all that she has to get done and went to take a shower while the other guy and I sat on the couch watching TV (which, BTW, is on dating shows the whole time, which really get obnoxious by the fourth one in a row), and talking a bit. So, as you can gather, a couple of hours go by like this where I can't tell if she's getting ready to go for breakfast or what, but I finally mentioned that it was getting late for that breakfast. She started saying, "I don't have time for breakfast! I've been telling you all the things I have to get done!" I was thinking about it in the car driving home, about how uncomfortable it had been all morning waiting for her with everything that I had to get done on my mind, and then realized that she probably hadn't meant to say yes at all and that she was probably waiting all morning for this gook to get of her couch and out of her house! So, I started laughing about it. I was embarrassed but tried to call a couple of days later. Her cell was off again; whatever. So, she is probably ready to write me up as a "Disaster Date" as well! Just in case you're reading this, I guess I beat you to it....

— Dan, 30

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