Not What He Expected

I was chatting with this gal on the computer and she said she had just broken up with her boyfriend and was looking. Since I was also looking, I asked her if she wanted to come over and spend the night with me. She said yes, but she did not have a car and she had to take the ferry. I said I could pick her from the ferry. As the ferry docked, I was looking for her. Since I had not seen her, I called her on her mobile to ask her where she was. She said she was just stepping off the ferry and I saw a short, fat gal talking on the phone and stepping off the bridge! I think my mouth must have opened in surprise; she was laughing and asking me what. Well, to be nice, I took her home and we got into bed and I turned to the other side and tried to sleep. Well, she then started to touch me and was playing with me. She wanted me to go further with her, but I just couldn't bring myself to have intercourse with a fat gal; it felt so gross.

— Dean, 27

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