There for the Same Reason

It was a cold November day in Tennessee and I was there for a wedding with my family. Not my own wedding, but my Aunt's. This was a couple days before the wedding was to take place and I was getting bored. So, I decided to go to this coffee house to get some coffee and check out the locals. There at the coffee place, I met this stunningly beautiful woman about my age. I go over and decide to talk to her and we hit it off pretty well. We were both from the same state and lived in the same town. I asked her why she was all the way up in Tennessee and she wouldn't tell me, because I would think it was boring. To top all this off, apparently we were staying in the same hotel also, which sort of stunned me. So, after about two hours of talking, we went back together and just really got to know each other. I asked if she wanted to come to my room and she said, "How about you come to my room and we can spend some time there." Of course, being a man, I said yes immediately and we went to her room. A long while of talking ensued and eventually I got the nads up and gave her a real quick kiss and we really got into it. About the time we started to get more physical, she said she had to take a shower and go somewhere with her Aunt Jennifer. This sort of struck me as odd since my aunt that was getting married was named Jennifer, but I never really guessed what this meant. Later that night, she called my room and invited me over, and we got hot and heavy. After a night of taking a roll in the sack, we were pretty tired and fell asleep together. We woke up in the morning and I made her breakfast. While we were eating, she decided to tell me why she was there. Well, you guessed it, her Aunt Jennifer was getting married and she was here until it was over. Of course, she also asked my why I was there and I just decided to say it was a business trip. Two days later, the wedding took place and what a surprise she got when I was there dressed up in a tuxedo as one of the groomsmen. Needless to say, we never talked again and I never told anyone else about this.

— Tim, 21

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