Not the Ending he Expected

I was my senior year in college when this preppy, gorgeous blonde walked by in the hall. I couldn't believe my eyes and wanted to see her again, so I chased after her. I caught up to her right before we reached our cars. She was really nice and flirtatious. We talked for an hour, and then made plans to meet that night. We went out to a dinner on the water front, when she said she was getting bored and wanted to go back to her place. The dinner wasn't great or anything, but she said she was wearing matching pink bra and panties and wanted to show me. When we got back to her place, our clothes were off in less than five minutes. The pink lingerie was nice, but that's not what I was looking at, if you know what I mean. She let me pet her chest and the night was great. She said that if I fulfilled her ultimate fantasy, she would keep seeing me every night for a week. I happily agreed and she got out a peeled carrot. She told me to turn around and all of a sudden, the carrot was jabbed into me. She shoved it in so hard that I had stomach cramps and had to go to the ER. It was not the ending I was looking for and I never saw my hottie again.

— David, 35

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