Like a Virgin

I had just worked up the nerve to ask out this girl from work, and we had decided on a karaoke bar downtown. Dinner went great, and then the karaoke started up. Let's just say I didn't know she was such a fan. She quickly put in a few requests to do some songs, and I actually got sort of turned on by that fact that she was so confident about herself. The first two acts were great, and then it was her turn. She quickly grabbed the microphone and began this outburst of yelping and whining, "singing" along with Madonna's "Like a Virgin." I just about died laughing, but then I realized that this was for real; she really sang like this. Then she started dancing really badly onstage and motioned for me to join her. Of course, I played it off as if I had no idea who she was. I was so embarrassed to be seen with her that I left as soon as she turned around to get ready for her next song.

— Nick, 27

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