Unusual Affair

When I was eighteen, I began dating a girl from a different school. Because we lived on the school "border", I never saw her until after school. Anyways, Gloria and I had become sexually active after a couple of months and we were always looking for ways and time to be alone. It was much easier for us to meet at Gloria's house because her beautiful divorced mom was also actively dating. Her mom was an active tennis player who, when drunk, became very sexual. I can tell this today because we married (partly due to her mom). Well, one night, Gloria's mom came home unexpectedly early from her date and caught her daughter and I completely naked in her daughter's bed having what we used to call one of our "slamfests". She never said a word that she caught us, but we both found out that she had indeed caught us. Since Gloria's mom had "peeped" or watched us in one our "slamfests", she started asking Gloria if Gloria loved me. She also started to become very "friendly" with me when she was alone with me (in the odd time that Gloria wasn't home from school yet or wasn't home from her part time job). She would hug me and wear fewer clothes in front of me. She started to not only let me see her in her very small bikini, but get very close to me and "rub" up against me while getting me a drink or whatever! I loved it, of course, but then she would change out of her bikini when Gloria would come home. This was not lost on me. One night, Gloria had called her house to tell her mom she was going to stay the night at Kim's, while frantically trying to call me so we could rendezvous. My mother called Gloria's house and told Gloria's mom that Gloria was trying to get a hold of me, so would she pass on the message? I heard Gloria's mom take a call and say, "Sure, no problem." That's when Gloria's mom knew what her daughter was up to and she decided to make her own "move". It was early evening, so she started to drink. I remember thinking that if her mom has a few more drinks (I remember to this day!), I knew she would get friendly with me and that's when some fun could start. But, if only Gloria would get home, I knew I would jump her bones! Gloria's mom told me that Gloria had called and would be home soon. That night, she had a summer dress on that accentuated her great figure and, after the 2nd drink, I noticed that she must have taken off her bra and forgotten to button up her dress. When she leaned just right, I could see her breast, nipple and all. She seemed oblivious to it all, so I pretended to do the same. She sat closer to me every drink and by the fourth (she seemed to be chugging), she was pretty tipsy and knew it. We had a good relationship and had great conversations, but now it was about sex on a scale that was raunchier than our previous forays on the subject. She told me that she knew her daughter was both beautiful and desirable, but she said so was I. She really hoped that we would get married some day. I was glad to hear her say that and I told her that I wanted to marry Gloria and have kids with her. That's when she told me that if I wasn't more careful (sexually) with her daughter that we would "have" to get married. She said that she saw us having sex (she assured me it was ok!) and instead of being mad, she was turned on! She then told me she was so turned on watching me sex her daughter, that she watched us for as long as she could and then went to her room and masturbated all night! So, she then dropped THE bombshell. She wanted me to show her my body! I was flabbergasted! I was also very nervous! She had me cornered and I didn't want to seem like some kind of wimp, though I was terrified. But, I remember thinking at the same time that I had fantasized about Gloria's mom while I was sexing her daughter and now was the chance for me to show her what a man I was. I had played right into her hands. I then confessed to her about my fantasizing about having sex with her and that made her smile big time. I asked her that if we were to have sex, wouldn't that make Gloria mad? Did we want to do that to her? I asked those questions. I was amazed with myself for doing so, but I didn't want to blow it at the same time. She answered that Gloria would never find out and if I sexed her like she watched me sex her daughter, that she would let us "slamfest" anytime we wanted. How could I turn her down? We did the dirty deed that night and many more nights after. We continue to do it to this day. On the night of my wife's and my ninth wedding anniversary, after our two kids were in bed, Gloria shocked her mom and I by walking out naked into the sauna. When we asked her what was she up to, she told us that she knew what we had been up to all these years. She then told both of us that she had known about us since before we were married. I asked her the inevitable question of why didn't she get mad and stop us? She told me that at the time she desperately wanted to marry me and if she stopped us from our affair, then what would become of us? And she also figured out that between her and her mom, I would never tire of sex and would never wander; for if I did, she would know where to find me. Pretty smart and beautiful wife I have, wouldn't you agree? I now have to pay for two breast jobs - not really a disaster anyway you look at it.

— Paul, 29

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