Dating, Dining, and…. Dentures??

After three years of dating and twenty years of marriage to the same girl we divorced, and uncomfortably I got back into the dating scene after all that time. I hated the bar scene, so I chose a newspaper dating service. The first exchange with these potential dates was by letter. One woman, who admitted in her letter to me to be only 4 years older than my 38 years, sent me a picture. I noticed in the picture that her hairstyle was a little out of date. But, we arranged by phone to meet in a local restaurant anyway for our date. On the night we were to meet, I looked for her in the restaurant, but couldn't find her. Even though I saw a woman that was wearing the outfit she said she'd be wearing, the woman didn't look like the picture. After several minutes of wondering if I had been stood up, I wandered into the bar of the restaurant and grabbed a stool. The woman in the restaurant wearing the clothes as described in our phone call walked up to me and introduced herself! It was my blind date - at about age 60 (and an OLD 60 at that)! The picture she had mailed me, as she explained, was a High School picture of her from the 1950's! I felt obligated to continue the date anyway, even though it felt like I was out with my mother. Everyone in the restaurant was staring at us. This woman had loose dentures that whistled when she talked and her wig was on sideways! She even insisted on holding my hand! Later, after dinner, she actually wanted to go parking, but I told her I felt sick (which I did after that suggestion) and needed to go home. I promised to call her the next day, which I did. I told her on the phone that I was sorry, but I didn't appreciate her lying about her age by at least 20 years! She actually got angry at me and hung up on me and then would call for weeks after that and not say a word, but just slam the phone down in my ear.

— David, 46

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