Assault With a Deadly Dinosaur

As a producer in the music business, I auditioned a singer at a small nightclub in California. Her performance was unusual, very theatrical, and I was intrigued. We went out for coffee and seemed to have a nice rapport. A few days later, we went on a date and I wound up spending the night; the sex was very good. We went out again a few days later. We started the date by going to dinner and then to a movie. On the way home, she started making demands that I felt were inappropriate. All of a sudden, she wanted a guarantee that I was going to take her out the next weekend. The way she phrased her demand felt manipulative and I was uncomfortable with her behavior. I cannot remember what I said, but something set her off. I had a toy dinosaur sitting on my dashboard (kept there for a young nephew). The dino was about a foot long, hard plastic, with a spiky tail. My date grabbed the toy and began hitting me with it as I was navigating a 360 degree off ramp exiting the freeway. I managed to get the toy away from her without crashing or getting seriously injured. When we got to her house, I expected her to get out of the car and go to her apartment. Instead she asked if I was coming up to spend the night. When I told her no, she refused to leave the car. It was now about 1:30am. We were parked in the alley behind her apartment. I got out of the car and went to sit on her front porch. I waited about a half hour, then walked back to the car. She was still sitting in the car. I quietly walked around to her side of the car, quickly inserted my key in the lock, and then opened the door. At the top of her lungs she yelled, "Rape!" Lights went on in the darkened apartments around us. I backed off and sat against the wall waiting for the police to come. They came and put me in handcuffs. The female officer talked with my date, then questioned me and listened to my story. Evidently my date told her that I had roughed her up. Then the male officer watched me while the female officer took the woman inside to examine her bruises. After a few minutes, the officer returned. She did not find any bruises and believed my story. I went home certain I would never hear from this woman again. I was wrong. She called and asked when we were going out again. This was a disaster date. Everything else pales beside it.

— Martin, 36

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