Animal Sounds at Dinner

I once was talked into taking my friend's sister out on a date. My first impression was that she was a nice, pretty girl. Well, that changed. We went out to eat at a nice restaurant. The date took a turn for the worse when she started making animal sounds. YES...animal sounds! We were ordering food and she found out that I eat meat. She asked me what types of meat I have had, and she was really disgusted by my liking the taste of lamb! She said, "I just can't even imagine eating an animal which makes those cute little sounds like"......and then she did it. She actually made the sound of a lamb..."BBBBBBAAAAAAAAAA". I couldn't believe she did that. I sat there shocked for a minute, and then started to laugh. This girl was so crazy that she started talking about the necessity of being a vegetarian. That was by far the worst date that I have ever been on!

— James, 26

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