Lust And Lost Friendship

After a recent move, my new neighbor introduced me to this awesome girl. She was really nice, cool, and fun. We hung out all the time and I started to really like her. We decided that we would only be friends no-matter what. We started doing things together, and still we said that we were only friends. A couple of months later, I met another one of my new neighbors who was close to my age. Unfortunately, I met his beautiful girlfriend as well. They were having problems, and the girl and I immediately connected. One thing led to another and I slept with her. The next day, my friend, the other girl, found out. She wanted to make sure that I still liked her, and even though we said we'd only ever be friends, we fooled around a little. She told her friends, and inevitably they told her to stop hanging around me. She and I have never been the same since. But I honestly can't say if I regret any of it.

— Kenny, 18

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