Skip The Trip

I talked to this girl on the internet and we decided to meet for a drink. The last couple of dates I met in person from the internet turned out to be very unattractive. As a side note, never date a girl that only has headshots. Anyway, we met up at the bar and it was an instantaneous attraction. Within a few minutes we were kissing and all over each other. I had told myself after the last few internet flops that the next girl I met that was attractive and cool, I was going to take her to Atlantic City. I had wanted to go there, and thought it would be a cool first date. It's only three hours away, so screw it. We went back to my apartment and I was kind of drunk. We got directions, and were all over each other. We were so hot for each other. Why on earth did I not take advantage of her then and there? I just had my mind set on going to Atlantic City. So, I got packed, and then we went to her place and got her packed. Oh my, I should have known when I went to her place that she was trash. She lived with two loser guys and didn't even have a bed. I was blinded by a big chest and a pretty face. She looked nice and clean, and she drove a nice car. So, I figured, maybe she just moved into the city and was having a hard time finding a place, so I just ignored it. I had passed up sex to get going to Atlantic City. The more I write this, the more of a moron I realize I am. Anyway, so we take off and she was all over me the entire ride there. We showed up at the Hilton and were told that they wouldn't have a room ready for us for a while. So, we decided to gamble for a bit. Another moron move on my part. She said she would pay me back. DOHHHHH! I gave her $50.00 never thinking that she wouldn't pay me back. We decide to go for a walk on the boardwalk. It was so great. We saw the sun rise and had some amazing kisses. It was too light to have sex on the beach, so I knew we had to wait until we got our room. So, we just walked around for a little bit more. Eventually our room was ready, and she just wanted to sleep. So I figured, okay, let her sleep. When she wakes we'll have sex. When we woke up, we did have sex and, well, it wasn't all that great. I think the build up of the trip and the waiting just made it suck. I don't know. Plus, she was one of those "give me, give me" girls, only into her own pleasure and couldn't have cared less about mine. I don't know. I've been with so many women that I really can't get into that anymore. The excitement of just having sex or being with someone new is not exciting for me. I need someone that can give the pleasure back. So, we went out to eat, and I started to look at other women while she was looking at other guys. It was just over at that point, but we still had another night together. Being the optimist, I thought we may as well go out for a bit, and hopefully the sex next time would be better. We stopped at this bar on the beach and, oh my, it brought out the devil in this girl. For the most part I liked it. We were drinking and getting really drunk. At one point when she went to the bathroom, this other girl came up to me and started to hit on me. I was like, "Hey, I'm here on a date." It always seems that the only time a girl will make the first move with me is when I'm with another one. So my date comes back, I introduced them, and they seemed to like each other. I was thinking to myself, "Yeah, buddy!" Guys at the bar were giving me high fives. I thought, "Finally, I'm in heaven." There's no way the sex can go bad now with two chicks. They kissed later on in the evening and I'm again, like, "Yeah, buddy!" I got so drunk, though, that I didn't know what was going on, and the rest is kind of a blur. All I can remember is that I kissed the waitress, and she went home with five other guys. When I woke up the next morning, she had locked herself in the bathroom. We barely talked at first. I said, "Hey, we just meet and we got trashed. Let's forget it and move on." We hugged and kissed. She said she could forget it if I could. It wasn't anything serious, so why should I care? We drove back and never talked to each to each other again. Plus, I never got my fifty bucks back. I think that makes me mad more than anything. The moral to this story is to have sex before you go on a trip with someone.

— James, 28

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