She's Enough To Kill Me!

I gave dog toys to my girlfriend who had three dogs. She opened the shopping bag, picked up a large toy, and threw it at me saying, "This is not a dog toy! This is a ferret toy!" She was right. It was a ferret toy- unlike the others which were dog toys. That ended it. I had had enough of her so I left for good. When I went home, I realized I had left behind two very important music CDs that are very hard to get. I sent her an email about those CDs and arranged to visit her at her house on Sunday. In the meantime, I had already started to date someone else, who I saw on Friday and Saturday. When I got to the ex's home on Sunday, she said she was depressed, and asked if I would play with the dogs. I said okay. Then I asked her if she wanted to go to Starbucks to unwind. She said yes. After that, she asked me to help with her garbage and to lay out dog food for her dogs. Then she asked me to walk the dogs and, finally, to walk around for exercise. By then I was nervous, and it had been almost five hours. Finally, she gave me my CDs. By then, I had been there almost seven hours. I also asked her if she wanted to go to a concert as just a friend, and she agreed. I told her I had to leave, would she give me a hug? She did once, but declined a second time. I told her I had to leave to post political signs against a candidate that was running for governor. The next day I received an email from her at work. In this email she accused me of posting horrible signs against the candidate for governor, and she also claimed that everything I did was just to try to lead to sex (I never mentioned or pushed her towards sex!). She said to cancel the concert arrangement, and told me to "get lost forever". As I have a heart and blood pressure condition, I went to a lawyer to write a letter to her. The letter stated that she had repeatedly cornered me into situations where verbally or via email she got my blood pressure up, which is "life threatening". She was told that if she did that again, we would immediately commence court action against her. That was the last I heard from her.

— Lucas, 48

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