Both Hook-ups

It all began on a cold night in December. There was this girl in my yoga class who I knew had a thing for me, because whenever we had class, she always seemed to be positioned right behind me; I often caught her staring at my behind. Anyway, I finally asked her to go on a date, and she happily agreed. We decided to go to a concert the next Friday, and to my surprise and excitement, Yani was in town. We attended the concert and had dinner afterward; everything seemed great. Luckily, that particular night my parents weren't home, so I had my basement apartment and the rest of the house to myself. My date seemed really aroused when I asked her to come in for a while to have a drink. Things went along as planned, and we started making out heavily. She stripped off all my clothes and became extremely kinky, doing cool things like biting my nipples. I hastily started to undress my partner, and to my horrified surprise, she had BOTH hook-ups. Needless to say, I grabbed my clothing and ran out of my house, leaving her naked in my basement.

— Terri, 23

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