Post-Date Confusion

I was contacted by this woman after she saw my ad on an online personals site. We hit it off good right from the start. We would IM each other and speak on the phone over the next few days. Things got progressively hotter, and I was invited to come over to her place the next weekend. Yes, in one week's time, we went from total strangers to spending the weekend together. She lived ninety miles away, but from her photos and conversations I just knew I wouldn't be disappointed when we met face-to-face. When I arrived at her place and she opened the door, I was pleased to see she was more attractive than her photos! Well, we had a great time barbequing, going through a bottle of wine, slow dancing in the kitchen, and sharing some passionate kisses with a little groping thrown in. We were both very comfortable. We wound down about midnight and went to her room. We proceeded to have some of the best sex I can ever remember having. It was delicious. The morning after was nice, too. I made coffee, had some small talk, finished my mug of coffee, thanked her for a wonderful time, and split. Now, here's the thing. She hasn't spoken to me since, and I'm bugged. All I know is that for whatever reason, she's not interested in any more contact with me. I'm confused. We both agreed that the sex we had was like making love with someone you cared about; and we had a great time during the evening. This all left me wanting more. I feel like a junkie hurting for a fix. I just can't understand what is making her so distant.

— Julio, 47

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