Father Sees All

I was nineteen and had been dating my eighteen-year-old girlfriend for several months. We rapidly advanced to a very hot sexual relationship. One Saturday afternoon, she "raped" me in the back row of a movie theater. To this day, I can remember what we did in intimate detail, but remember nothing about the movie. Mostly our dates consisted of me visiting her at her house. When I went to her house, and after saying hello to her parents, she would take me to the game room. This room had sliding glass doors the full length of the room that opened onto the patio and pool. In the room was a big leather sofa facing the patio. We always did heavy petting on the sofa, and nobody ever interrupted us. When we couldn't resist it any longer, she would lead me to the walk-in closet and we would have standup quickies. But then came the night of our dating disaster. Up to this point, her parents and sister had left us strictly alone. On this particular night we got carried away. Just as she started her orgasm with her eyes closed and head thrown back, the lights came on outside. Between the low lights inside and the blazing floodlights outside, the room and our situation were lit up like daylight. Instantly, her dad appeared and started walking across the patio toward the pool storage and pump room. I didn't know what to do. I froze. My girlfriend was completely unaware and continued to ride "big horsy" to an earth-shattering finish. Her dad glanced in our direction, noticed what was going on, walked right up to the window, and looked at us from about eight feet away. He stared for what seemed like a very long time. He watched until she collapsed onto my chest with her arms around my neck. Because the light behind him was so bright, I couldn't tell whether he was watching his daughter's lewd use of my massively obvious love, or if he was looking at me. Either way, I felt like he was staring with homicidal rage directly into my eyes. Then he disappeared around the corner, and the lights went out again. I expected him to reappear in a minute with a shotgun, so I immediately told my girlfriend what had happened. To my surprise, she laughed and told me to not worry about it. She didn't bother to move or even pull her skirt down. She just snuggled into my chest and wiggled her rear end around, trying unsuccessfully to contain the last few inches that stood between us. My fear of her father's anger and her indifference to his having seen us created a totally erotic situation, and we spent the rest of the evening having wild sex. Later, when I was leaving, I sheepishly said goodnight to her mom and dad. Her dad smiled a funny smile and said goodnight as if nothing had happened. I went steady with her for almost a year after that and had dinner with them many times. I visited on holidays, and her dad was always very nice to me. It was so weird that I asked my girlfriend if I had imagined it, but she just laughed. She would never tell me why, but insisted that I shouldn't worry about it. We had sex on that sofa many times after that. We even started getting completely naked and no one ever bothered us again. Go figure.

— Eric, 43

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