Sometimes You Cause The Disaster

I tried an on-line dating service and struck up a nice correspondence with a woman. We agreed to meet the same day I was driving to another city to pick up my new car. I stopped off at the dealership, where it was discovered that the loan was a few hundred short of the actual cost. So, I paid out of my wallet and took the keys. The transaction had taken longer than I had anticipated. I had just enough time to drive south and meet my date at the restaurant. The date went fine until I got the bill and realized there was a sign that said the restaurant didn't take checks! I also didn't have a credit card on me. At a loss for what to do, I asked the woman if she would mind paying the tab and I would write her a check. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and never came back! After I realized she had gone, I convinced the waitress to accept a check. I chalked the whole thing up to experience: 1) Always carry multiple means of payment. 2) Make first dates at places that you are familiar with. 3) Don't date women who think it is wrong for them to pay, ever.

— Sean, 32

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