Double Date Parking Disaster

It was a Friday in 1996, and I was living in Hawaii at the time. I went on a double date with my friend, Josh. Josh's date was Elissa, and my date was Kendra. I drove. We patronized a nightspot near downtown Honolulu. We stayed there for a couple of hours, and even did the Macarena dance as it was then in its peak of popularity. Afterwards, the four of us went to a restaurant that was on the thirty-sixth floor of a high-rise next door. We had a late dinner and nightcaps. After we were through with dinner and paid our tab, we took the elevator to the second floor parking garage to return to my car. Low and behold, I realized that I had forgotten where I had parked my car! I failed to make a note of it. None of the other three remembered where I parked my car, either. None of us were sure if we were even in the right parking garage, as there was a parking garage right adjoining that one. We all knew that the car had not been stolen because no smart thief would have challenged an attendant-monitored parking garage. Just the same, I started to feel a sense of dumb-fool panic setting in. After searching for about thirty minutes, clearer heads prevailed as Josh spoke up with his own logic. He said, "Hey, most definitely we parked in that other parking garage next door where the restaurant is! Your car is not anywhere in this garage. Think about it. Once we parked, we just went right into side door of the restaurant, remember?" By this time, a light bulb lit in my head, and I realized that he was right. The women started giggling and said, "Jeff, are you okay?" Just the same, we went across to the other parking garage and, low and behold, there was my car. We got into the car, exited the garage, and then we drove back home without incident. If you ask me, that would make an ideal episode of "The Four Stooges of Waikiki"!

— Jeff, 41

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