She Wouldn't Say What the Problem Was

I met a beautiful lady who was 2 years older than I. I had recently lost my wife of 41 years and was looking for serious love. I told her far too soon that I loved her and wanted to marry her. We went and did a lot of things together for about 6 months. She began to pull away then and tell me I needed to find someone with similar passions. She refused to go to counseling with me or tell me what our troubles were. We stopped being intimate at about 8 months. We put ourselves back together briefly, but it only lasted about 10 days. Then, we had the same old words and we parted. She asked if she could take me for a knee appointment as I could not drive home and I said yes. We went and then, as we came back, I again asked her what our problems were. I got the same answer, "You know!" We had a terrible row. I told her to go away and leave me alone. She said she wants to be friends, but this is impossible for me.

— Frank, 66

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