Boys In Skirts

This was probably the most embarrassing moment in my life. I was dating my ex-girlfriend, Barbie, and we had gone to a costume party. She talked me into going as a cheerleader and she went as a football player. That purple cheerleading skirt was very short. That was pretty embarrassing, but not nearly as embarrassing as what happened at the party. Barbie also talked me into wearing a pair of panties under my cheerleading skirt. She went to the store and bought me this purple string-bikini. She said she wanted to get a brief, but only the string-bikini matched my purple skirt. Those panties liked to crawl up on me after I took only three steps and would quickly get pretty "cheeky". I figured no one would ever see those panties. Boy, was I wrong. There were party games and the first one was "bobbing for apples." Barbie told me I should do it, so I did. I never even thought twice about it! Well, I bent over to start bobbing for apples when I heard giggling from behind me. It took me a minute but I finally realized what was so funny. I had given a purple panty show to lots of people behind me. Yikes! I was so embarrassed! There are even pictures to prove it. Barbie and her friends still tease me about it and I still blush.

— Randy, 32

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