Big, Hairy Hug

I met this girl at the gym. She seemed really nice, and I knew she had a thing for me by the way she'd follow me around. It seemed like every time I did anything from use a machine to get a drink of water, she was right there. One Friday night after a late workout, she asked me if I wanted to grab dinner. I didn't have other plans so I agreed. We ended up and a crazy Irish pub eating appetizers, having drinks, and having a pretty good time. At the end of the evening, she invited me into her apartment. We were feeling pretty good and started going at it on her couch. Things were getting pretty hot when all of a sudden she put her arms up and I noticed she didn't shave her armpits. She had more hair than I did under there! Some may like that look, but I was totally grossed out. I made excuses and ran out of there.

— Bill, 27

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