You Women Are Just As Bad

Plenty of women on the internet lie, also! Many women use the same old worn out cliches when posting on the personals like stating that they're honest, sincere, attractive, and that they like to walk on the beach. Most of them are looking for a man who is 'financially secure', which is a code word for fat wallet. They also lie about their real weight and deceive you by using old photos. Many of the women on internet personals are little more than big time goldiggers and users. It works both ways, ladies! Do not be naive! I have run into this many times. I also meet women in other ways as well. Either way, you never know the other person. It may take time. Life is one big risk. Oh, and by the way, ladies, stop using the phrase soul mate! Eek! There's no such thing.

— Luis, 23

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