Internet Women Are Liars

I met Cara from Australia on a personals site. She was my cyber-girlfriend for about five months. I really liked her because she was outgoing and very down to earth. She put the hook in me to the point that I got on a plane and actually went to Australia to meet her. At first, things went smoothly. Then one day while having coffee at the hotel, Cara told me that she wasn't thirty-four, but that she was really thirty-nine. And guess what else? Cara had five kids and a husband. I was like, oh dear Lord, what is a man supposed to do when a woman pulls a stunt like that? I found out that the whole thing was a setup. It was a nasty joke that she and a friend cooked up. She never said she was sorry, and she never gave a damn about my feelings. It's the last time I'll ever trust a woman online again.

— Bradley, 30

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