Smitten Then Stung

This past summer, my mother called to tell me that her best friend's daughter, Gretchen, had just been transferred by her company to the city I live in. She wanted me to call the girl to have lunch or coffee with her. I usually don't take out anyone my mother suggests, but I remembered the girl from back when we were teenagers. She had been very cute back then. She was about a year younger than I am, and she had just finished college a year before. I called her, and we ended up going to dinner at a nice restaurant. She was very attractive with long brunette hair and very sexy blue eyes. She also had a great body. I was smitten. We ended up going to lunch and dinner a few more times over the next couple of weeks, and it was progressing very well. I was taking it slow to be a gentleman for my mother's sake in this situation. But at the end of our last date, we got into a hot make-out session but still didn't have sex. She hinted that we were ready to take it to the next level. I invited Gretchen to a large cocktail party a client was throwing at this big lake estate. When picked her up, she was wearing a very short, black, cocktail dress that was cut well below her cleavage. As I opened the door to the car for her to get in, I actually got an accidental glimpse that revealed that she wasn't wearing panties. Wow! I was thinking that tonight we'd end up spending the night together. The party was huge with about four hundred guests. Gretchen ran into an old girlfriend from college and they ended up being a distance away from me as I was doing some business networking. I saw this one guy that seemed to be getting too friendly with Gretchen. But by the time I got through the crowd and over there, I couldn't find her. A while had passed and I still hadn't seen her. I started to look everywhere around the estate for her. People were scattered all over, but several were beginning to leave as the hour got late. I started toward the lake and boathouse. On my way I passed some people who were muttering something about a couple that really needed to get a room. As I got to the dock, I could hear some people having hot sex in the boat that was tied to the dock. I could see them a little bit in the dark, and they were really getting it on. The girl was talking dirty and stuff. The voice sounded like Gretchen's. I thought, "No way," and edged up in the shadows to get closer. It was Gretchen. Her cocktail dress and shoes were lying on the dock. Wearing only her stockings and garter, she was straddled in his lap and really going at it. I was in shock. I went back to the main house feeling numb. I needed a couple more drinks for sure. In a little while, Gretchen walked up and said she'd been looking everywhere for me. I said, "Oh, I just walked down to the boat dock." She looked mortified. I didn¹t say anything else about it. It was a very quiet ride back. I just told my mother that things didn't work out with the girl.

— Stewart, 25

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