Engagement Disaster

Dating disasters are bad, but engagement disasters are worse. I had known my fiancée since high school and we had dated some then, but mainly we were friends in the same click. Our families even knew each other as well. She went to a different university than I, but we did come in contact again the summer before our senior year. We emailed each other back and forth during that year and the emails became decidedly more romantic as time went on. She had never met any of my college buddies. After graduation, I got a job about 3 hours from her. She was going to grad school in physical therapy and working part time as a massage therapist. We began seeing each other whenever I could get away and we had a great sexual relationship. She was very sexy and had long straight dark hair, which is almost a fetish with me. After about 6 months, we got engaged. One of my college fraternity brothers was getting married soon and having a bachelor party. It was on the weekend and in the city where my fiancée lived. I am in retail management and always have to work weekends; however, I was able to get off that weekend. I thought I'd go to the bachelor party, and then surprise my fiancée. The party was at a motel and there were about a dozen guys. A couple of strippers were there for entertainment. After the strippers left, several of the guys also left. There were five of us still there when one of the guys decided to call an escort service to have them send two escorts over. I waited a bit, and then left to go to my fiancée's apartment before I could be accused of something bad. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I saw the back of a girl I assumed was one of the escorts at the door to my friend's motel room. She was in a very short denim skirt with long dark hair, but I couldn't see her face. I made the drive across town to my fiancée's, but she wasn't there. I thought that was strange since it was about 12:30am. I started to call her cell phone and realized I didn't have my cell phone; I had left it on the kitchen counter at the motel. It took a good about 45 minutes to get back there. When I went in, I found the guys in their underwear and I could hear one of the other guys in the bedroom having sex with the escort. The bedroom door was open and I could see him on top and just her legs and arms wrapped around him and a glimpse of her hair. They were really going at it. They told me only one girl had shown up, but that she agreed to do all of them for a little extra money. The other three guys had already had sex with her by the time I got there. They said she looked really good and was really wild having done all kinds of stuff with them. I remember wanting to get a peek at what she looked like, but I never could get one. The girl's denim skirt, top, and her thong panties were laying on the living room floor. Something about it gave me the strangest deja-vu feeling. I got my phone on the counter and noticed the girl's hand bag. My fiancée had one just like it. That seemed really weird. I dialed her cell phone number and a phone in that bag rang. I was really freaked out. I dialed again and it rang again. I had a terrible panicked feeling and just left the motel room. I sat in my car in the parking lot and in a while, sure enough my fiancée came out of the motel room and started down the stairs. I pulled out before she noticed me and drove to her place. I didn't want a scene where my friends could see and know it was my fiancée; that would be some terrible humiliation. She was very surprised to see me and said she'd been out with some girlfriends. I told her I knew where she had been and the hotel and room and knew what she had done. She broke down crying and all. I left and never returned any of her phone calls and have never seen her again. I wonder what story she gave her parents about our break up?

— Rich, 25

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