Beware of the Red Flags

This forty-two-year-old woman from Florida managed to contact me through an online dating service. Within a couple of weeks she was sending me nude pictures of herself. (Red flag). Her profile and her testimony to me over the phone insisted that she valued honesty and integrity over everything else. It was quite odd, then, when I could not come to visit her or even stay at a hotel in her town. (Red flag). That was about the time when she laid the threesome, swinger pictures on me from her local nudist club. (Red flag). She apparently liked both the husband and the wife intimately, and she wondered what I thought about it. (Red flag). Eventually she got around to crying poverty to me. She stated that she had not been able to work because her mother was in the hospital. (Red flag). Then I did the dumbest thing a man can do with a woman who has managed to rile him up sexually. I loaned her a large amount of money, and I bought her a laptop so she could see me more often. (White flag, I surrender). It turned out that this woman is a professional. She gets unsuspecting men to pay for her needs. But the first time you question her, you will find yourself cut off from all email and phone contact. She will even call the police on you and tell them you have been harassing her. Oh well, it's only money. However, this woman is a human black widow. I wish I could post her name and picture somewhere as a "red flag" for future men to avoid being sucked into her web.

— Vincent, 45

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