Secrets No More

A few years ago, Adrienne had just broken up with me after we had dated for over two years. In an effort to move on, I started to date a little again. I was out on a first date with Marianna at a restaurant. While Marianna and I were talking, Adrienne suddenly walked up to our table. She began to tell Marianna how I used to wear panties for her when we were dating, and that I was probably wearing panties right then. I did wear panties for Adrienne sometimes because she liked it, but I was not wearing panties on my date with Marianna. I was so embarrassed that I just sat there in shock. Adrienne then smiled and told Marianna, "Oh, and he also performed oral on another guy for me. I just thought you should know." Although this was true, I never actually thought that Adrienne would tell anyone some of our sexual secrets. I was so completely embarrassed! Marianna just giggled and then looked at me. Adrienne smiled, and I just blurted out, "You bitch!" Adrienne smiled and walked away. I had no idea what I should say to Marianna at this point. I know my face was bright red. I said something about Adrienne being a little dominating and mean. Marianna just giggled nervously and told me not to worry about it. Then I saw her look over my shoulder as she got this surprised look on her face. Just as I turned around, Adrienne poured a large strawberry shake over my head. I sat there speechless with strawberry shake running down my face. Adrienne said, "Don't you ever call me bitch again!" As I got up to flee the restaurant, Marianna smiled and said, "Now that was a show of girl power." She did not go out with me again. That was easily the worst date I've ever had.

— Adam, 30

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