His Halloween Hiney

Last year at Halloween, my friend, Amy, had her cousin, Juliette, visiting from North Carolina. A big Halloween costume party was happening, and Juliette asked if I would go with her and be her date. Although I did not know Juliette, she was extremely attractive and I thought it could be fun. Juliette assured me that she and Amy would plan the costumes and let me know. I let them take care of it because I didn't want to have to look for a costume. The day of the costume party, Juliette and Amy showed up, and it was obvious that they were both going to the costume party as football players. I figured that I would be a football player as well. Boy, was I wrong. Juliette had gotten a cheerleading uniform for me at the costume store. I was going to be their cheerleader. Although embarrassed, I thought I'd just go along with it. So, I put on the cheerleading uniform, and Juliette and Amy put make-up on me. Before we left for the party, Juliette pulled out a tiny string-bikini panty and told me that I'd be wearing it under my cheerleading skirt. Amy told me that she sort of tried to talk Juliette out of making me wear the panties, but they went to a store and bought it for me to wear anyway. They eventually talked me into wearing it. By the time we all got to the party, I regretted that I had done it because the panty kept riding-up on me and getting really "cheeky." My short cheerleading skirt was flipped all night and everyone saw those string-bikini panties. Yikes! I was totally embarrassed! It was my first date with Juliette, and I'll never forget it. Some of the college girls at that party still call me "rah-rah" whenever they see me because I was a cheerleader at that party. Next time Juliette visits Amy, I might tell her that I'm wearing those panties just to make her laugh. I'll definitely choose my own costume next time.

— Tommy, 24

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