Holy Costume, Batman!

After reading the story about the guy that went to a party dressed up as a cheerleader, I had to share my own experience. My neighbor, who I will call Lauren, was having a Halloween party and asked me to come. Since I was single, she told me there would be plenty of single women there. So, I said I would come. I enlisted the help of my sister to get me a costume, but she waited until the last minute and could not come up with anything. She said that she still had her costume from the year before, which was a French maid costume. She had made it for herself and since we were the same size, she said it would be perfect. I told her I wanted to meet girls, not guys. She assured me that girls love to see guys dressed up like sexy girls, so I agreed. She had me shave my body from head to toe. She then dressed me to the nines in a sexy, white, lace and satin bra. It was a size 38D, for which she got silicone breast forms from a friend of hers. They were so natural and sexy looking. They had such a terrific bounce that I even liked them. She then put me in a white satin garter belt with black seemed stockings and a white satin thong. Then she gave me a very tight, white, lycra, semi-shear top to wear that showed off my bra and had my fake boobs sticking way out. I then put on a black, satin, very full and very short skirt that went over a very full petty coat. I put on five-inch-high, open-toed, ankle-strap sandals and a blonde, curly wig that went down to the center of my back. To top it all off, she put on big hoop earrings and then did my makeup and nails. When I looked into the mirror, I thought someone else was looking back at me. I was staring at a very beautiful and sexy girl that I could not believe was me. Anyway, I went to the party to meet girls and was the hit of the night. Everyone thought I was the sexiest woman there. Every time I started to talk to a girl, some guy would grab me and take me to dance with him. The guys, not the girls, would not leave me alone. One guy in particular, who was dressed as Batman, would not leave me alone. When a slow dance came on, he held me tight and close. Needless to say, I had no time to make any moves on any girls that night. I am not gay, but Batman really started to get to me. So, I just let him have his way with me on the dance floor. That night turned out quite differently than what I expected. I wound up taking Batman home with me instead of a girl.

— Ted, 24

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