I Figured Out She Liked Girls

I started to date this woman, Mandy, from work. We started to date very heavily. She was going through a divorce. After a month when I thought things were going well, she called and said, "You need to find someone else." I was heartbroken. I had started to fall in love with Mandy. I asked if she had found someone else. She said, "No, my three children take up my time, and I think you need to find someone who can give you more." I took her advice and casually started dating other women. I did this only to show her that I was a catch, because I still felt Mandy was seeing someone else. All along, I would see Mandy off and on. I spoke with her everyday, sometimes for two and three hours, on the phone. She admitted she was in love with me but could not be the woman I needed. Mandy was everything I liked in a woman. She was very attractive and extremely sexual. This went on for a year. Our relationship was very strong at times, yet very weak at other times. We became very good friends and both admitted that we had a strong sexual attraction for each other. We even talked about marriage. Her girlfriends, one in particular, hated it when I came to see her at work. I asked Mandy what was up with that and she said, "She doesn't want me talking to any guys." I was visiting Mandy at work one night when her friend went into a complete rage. Along with something else that someone had told me, I put things together and figured out that Mandy and her friend had been lovers all along. I still speak to Mandy now and then. Who knows, maybe when she really decides what she wants it may work again.

— Lance, 31

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