Surprises of All Kinds

A couple of years back, over summer break, we were having a small party at a buddy's house when a good friend of mine invited his sister and some of her friends over. None of her friends were very cute, but it had definitely been a while since I had seen any action. As the night proceeded, I asked one of the girls on a date for the next weekend. We went to dinner, and after a couple of hours of boozing and having a good time, we decided to go back to a party at the house of one of my friends. Before I knew it, we were down in my friend's basement messing around on the pool table. The next thing I knew, this girl was going down on me. Looking up, she told me to let her know when I was about to reach the point of no return. As joke, I thought I would just surprise her. Needless to say, it definitely surprised her: She jerked her head back, and it shot right in her eye. I heard a couple of days later that she had had to go to the eye doctor because the vision was blurry in one of her eyes. I kind of felt bad, but what do you do? I guess next time she will be a little more careful.

— Eddie, 26

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