Confusing Signals

One week before I went to Panama City Beach with my friends for spring break, a new girl started working at our job. I wasn't really attracted to her, but it appeared that she was attracted me. Anyway, when my friends and I got back a week later and went back to work, I had completely forgotten about her. Apparently, she liked me more after hearing about some stories from spring break. When I found out that she liked me, I started flirting with her a lot more. That weekend I saw her at a party. We were both kind of intoxicated, so we ended up making out in the back of my car. Nothing else happened because the party got broken up. After that, I heard from my friends that she liked me a lot and was scared to get too close to me. I didn't pay too much attention to her. I still flirted with her but stopped it at some point. A couple of weeks later, when our flirting started to die down, I noticed her more at work and started liking her more. I don't know if this was the mistake I made, but I let her know that I liked her. Even though I know she liked me, she turned me down. Her reason was because she just broke up with her ex-boyfriend. I understood that. But every time I see her, I can't stop thinking about her afterwards. What should I do? Should I give her more time? Or should I just try to move on and not worry about it?

— Pablo, 18

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