Not Much Else To Say

It all started out about four years ago when I met this girl, Reina, at school. We started out by passing notes to one another. Then, in one note, she gave me her phone number. She looked like she really wanted me to call, and she even asked me to, but I didn't know that she already had a boyfriend. So, I called her. We talked for a few weeks when I found out she did have a boyfriend. I ended up meeting him and, once I did, I was on a course set out to destroy their relationship. I spent a few weeks trying to do that by stealing, snooping, etc. until they finally broke up. So, I asked her out and she said yes. I don't want to say what all happened, but after about three or four months she broke up with me out of nowhere. After a few more months of talking, then not talking, and then talking again, Reina and I eventually became friends with benefits. Reina's friend, Jessi, kind of became friends with benefits with us. Yes, I admit, I flirted with Jessi but never when Reina and I were together. So, Reina and I went out to the local mall, and we had the best time you could imagine on a date. When we got home, everything was okay. Then Reina called me and told me that Jessi was going to her house the next day. I knew they would talk about me, and that they did. They called me the next day when they were together and called me a liar and a cheater. I couldn't understand why they were calling me this, and I actually thought they were joking with me, but they weren't. It turned out that Jessi thought there was something between us, but Reina wouldn't believe me when I tried to tell her that it was her that I truly loved. I said that if she loved me at all she would believe what I was telling her. Now our relationship is ruined. I only hope it's not for good because I really want her back. Well, anyway, that's my dating disaster. Make fun of me if you wish. I could keep typing, but I seriously don't know what else to say.

— Rob, 18

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