Plan Backfired

I had worked with this girl for almost a year, yet I agonized about asking her out on a date. She was completely awesome, but I never thought she would go for a guy like me. So I kind of pretended to be someone else. I called her office one afternoon and said I had just transferred to the home office, had seen her walking around, and was stunned by her beauty. She obviously took my charm to heart, because she played my game back very well. She kept asking me questions about my looks and my interests. Then she actually asked me out on a date. I was so overwhelmed that I said yes, but then I realized the problem I was facing. I couldn't show her who I was, so I got one of my buddies to stand in for me and act out the part. The only problem was, they actually got along quite well and are now dating pretty seriously.

— Donnie, 23

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