Prom Night 2005

So, it's about twenty minutes before I have to leave for prom when I hear the phone ring. My date's mother and mine had never really spoken, so I thought it unusual when her mother asked for mine. I resumed putting on my tux and my mother asked, "I suppose you know what that was about?" I absolutely did not. Apparently, my date had decided to run away this evening. After I picked my jaw up off the ground, I resumed and went to pick her up. Of course, this was my senior prom and had decided to play it big with a limo. Her mom followed us to the place where we took our pictures. She threatened to call the police and give them my license and description if my date wasn't home by 12:30. My date was ridiculously quiet the entire night, but acceptable for awhile. Then, with about forty-five minutes left, she asked for my phone and disappeared. I spent the last forty-five minutes calling her mom and tattling and making sure she didn't get away! After she realized it was useless, she stopped. She didn't say another word from the limo to her door. What a waste of money!

— Kurt, 18

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