A Freaky Coincidence

A woman that I worked with fixed me up with her daughter. The girl had recently graduated from college and was a schoolteacher. We had one date which was very nice, but nothing happened at all. In fact, we didn't even kiss. She seemed to be interested in pursuing a relationship even though she didn't verbalize it. Because she was attractive, smart, and had a nice personality, I was interested in asking her out again. A few days later, I was out and met another woman that I was also interested in. Although she was pleasant to me, she acted very strange when I asked her out, and she declined. I called up the first woman for a second date a few days later, and she was absolutely furious with me. It turned out that the second woman that I had asked out was her sister. I asked her how I was supposed to have known that. Am I precluded from asking anybody else out just because we had one date? But, it was to no avail. She wouldn't go out with me again. Not surprisingly, her mother didn't fix me up with anybody else. That whole situation is a big regret in my life. It was just a freaky coincidence that I couldn't have anticipated. I mean, how could I have known that the other woman I asked out was her sister?

— Martin, 26

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