Not-So-Blind Date

My first date with Jackie was a blind date. It was the first year that the Blues' NHL expansion team was playing in St. Louis, and the only seats available to the public were "restricted view" seats. They were terrible, right behind a pillar. We could see the action at each end but nothing in the middle. While we were inside, it started to snow outdoors. Since I had parked on the street four or five blocks away to save on parking fees, we had to trudge through the snow on unshoveled sidewalks to the car. I had a long drive home the next morning and needed my sleep, so I took her home earlier than she expected. In spite of all that, we went on a second date. It was long after we married that I found out that the "blind" date was a set up engineered by Jackie and her pals.

— Roman, 24

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