Too Much To Handle

About two years ago, a friend introduced me to a girl online that I had gone to school with a while back. We talked a couple of times, and then she invited me to go to a church dance with her. Honestly, I couldn't remember what the girl looked liked when I had gone to school with her, but I decided to go anyway. She told me that she would meet me at the entrance since she knew what I looked like. When I got there, I had seen this familiar girl standing by the doors that I figured had to be my date. She didn't look so ugly, but she was fat. Not really fat but just a little too much jelly 'n no toast for me. I played it nice for an hour by talking to her and her friends. Finally, I couldn't stand being with this girl anymore, so I told her that I had to go to my car for something real quick and said that I would be right back. She said okay. So, I went to my car, obviously not intending to return. I drove away and after about fifteen minutes later she called me asking if I was coming back inside. I was stunned not knowing what to say, so I just hung up. She called me back again and said that her cell phone had cut off and she hadn't been able to hear what I said. So, I said "uh…uh…" and then click, I hung up again. I thought it was hilarious. I'm not usually so mean, but it was just so funny to me. A couple of days later, she wrote me an e-mail asking what was wrong. She further apologized and said that she was sorry if she had done something wrong. I wrote her back saying that she was too fat and that I wished I had never met or talked to her. I told her that I don't want her to talk to me again. I guess it wasn't so much a dating disaster for me as it was for her, but this girl was just not for me, really not for me!

— Bryan, 22

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