Sweet Justice

My best friend at the time had a sister that I hung out with a bit. We went out once and nothing ever came of it. One day, she had a special date with her boyfriend planned. She went out with the girls, and he hung with us guys. They had planned to later meet up and party. She was very adamant on the fact they were going to have sex later. I admit that sometimes I am the jealous type. We started drinking as soon as the girls left. He asked me what I was drinking. When I told him it was tequila, he wanted to go shot for shot with me. I laughed and told him no problem. When she got home, she found him in the driveway throwing up everywhere with her brother and I laughing hysterically. To make it all better, when she laid him in bed, all he wanted to do was spoon with her. Later she came out screaming and slapped me for getting him so drunk. I later found out that he had an accident while they were spooning which made her back and bed all wet. Talk about sweet justice.

— Rick, 24

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