Blindly Set Up

Okay, here goes. I had a friend I picked up for work, and I would always see his sister peeking out of the front door at my car. After a couple of weeks of this, I asked my buddy to hook us up. So, we set up a date to go to the beach. All is well, I show up on a fantastic Saturday morning, ready for a hot time at the beach! I pull up in the driveway, get out of my car, knock on the door, and she instantly opened the door. I got quite the surprise! The door I always saw her at was through a storm door, you know, window on top, metal on the bottom, etc. Yup, she looked great from her head to her rather large breasts. However, she expanded greatly from there! I was speechless. She was already in a one-piece swimsuit with this towel contraption around her waist, sparing me the view of her cottage cheese thighs. Oh, what to do? Having nowhere to run, we proceeded to my car, and off to the beach we went. My brain is moving a million miles an hour on how to get out of this. So, I hit the button on my pager (I'm an OR nurse, yes, a nurse) to make it beep. So, I tell her I have to call the hospital. We pull over at a convenience store. I pretend to make a call on my phone. I then tell her that I have an emergency at the hospital, that I'm really sorry, but duty calls. She's very understanding, and I drive her home promising that we'll do this again. Yeah, right! The next time I pick up my buddy, I lay into him. "Hey, thanks a lot!" He says it's not the first time he's set his sister up with a date, and not the first time she's been ditched, either. He about pissed himself as he told me this.

— Lenny, 20

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