Mixed Messages

I went out to a restaurant/bar one night with my brother. I was not in a good mood that night, so I was pounding the rum and cokes. I was not looking or expecting to meet anyone, but I guess you get it when you least expect it. There was a girl that I went to high school with that also worked with my brother. She happened to walk into the place with this really cute girl. For some reason, I happened to turn around when she walked in, and I noticed her immediately. The first thing that went through my mind was this girl has a boyfriend because she's too cute to be single. So, the girl I went to high school with saw us and came over. She introduced me to her friend who immediately sat down next to me. I was not expecting her to be interested in me, so I was acting uninterested and indifferent. I was really not in a good mood. So, we talked for a bit. Turns out we went to the same college and even had the same class schedule. The table was called for them, and they went and sat down. Turns out this girl was here to meet another guy which I didn't find out until later. Twenty minutes later, the girl I went to high school with came back and said that her friend wanted my email address and phone number. I wrote it down on a napkin, went over to the table, handed it to her, and asked for her info, which she gave. She called me the next day, and we agreed to meet at school. So, we started hanging out around campus, going out to lunch, and meeting at the local twenty-four-hour restaurant. It got to the point that we were spending every possible second with each other talking on the phone, on the computer, and going out. She kept telling her friends how sexy she thought I was and that she liked me. I felt the same about her. Things just were not adding up, though. We never went out by ourselves except maybe to lunch once or twice. Every time we went out, she invited her friends. I didn't mind, but I would have liked a date or two with just the two of us. I asked her several times to go out with me by ourselves, but she always made excuses to invite friends. She had a guy friend that liked her, but she only wanted to be friends with him. He kept warning me about her, but I didn't listen. After about two months of seeing her, I wanted to be more than just friends. I asked her to date me exclusively, but she kept giving me excuses. She was having problems at home and things like that. If that were the case, I could have lived with it. But it just didn't add up. She finally admitted to me that she was having a long-distance relationship with a guy in another state that she met on the internet. She said she couldn't be with me when she had feelings for another guy. She made it seem like I was bothering her and acted like everything was my fault. She asked me out, made the first move, and always acted like she was so happy, and then this. I got mad and told her to lose my number. This guy she was "in love" with came back from his state to break up with her. Then she IM'd me one day to tell me that he broke up with her because he found someone else and she wanted me back. I told her thanks, but no thanks. It's too bad things didn't work out, but I'm glad I didn't take her back.

— Karl, 24

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