An Intense Annoyance

I met a man with what seemed a perfect temperament. He was handsome. But, several factors indicated this was not love. He had flaming red pubic hair and an uninteresting tool. But, he could give great oral. It's just that's not where my attraction ends; it's where it begins. So, I thought we could "roll this puppy over" and become great friends. That was my mistake. He had love, and only commitment, on his mind. His possessiveness and maligning of others became an intense annoyance. While exceptionally sociable, he was a nightmare out in public by doing things such as physically striking other people, throwing tantrums, and being an obvious agoraphobic. Okay. We'll confine ourselves to domestic environs. Finally, when it became intolerable to be with him around other people, coupled with his incessant desire for me to have sex, it was time to cool it. I've heard redheads have a temper, but this one would make a carrot turn pink. My lesson: If the other party is that consumed with you, and the feeling is not mutual, the end is probably going to be fairly unpretty.

— Liam, 30

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