I am twenty now but was on my fifth date with my soon-to-be ex-girlfriend two years ago in high school when it happened. I took her to a party at a friend's for some drinking. Well, she got drunk and puked in my car on the way home and then promptly passed out. So, I rolled down the windows and drove her home fast. She was still living with Mom and Dad, so I figured if I brought her home drunk and passed out with puke all over her, I probably couldn't go out with her again. So, I said what the heck? And I started doing the old drunk sneak sex trick. So, there I was messing with her out in her own driveway. If I saw the porch light go on and off, that meant it was time for her to go in. Anyway, I didn't see any lights come on or off twice. If they did, then I was too busy to see. Anyway, there I was, having a good ole time, oblivious to my situation. Hey, it's all about me, right? What an idiot I was. Well, the next thing I saw was a flashlight smacking me on my back. I was busted. The rest of the scene is just too much to mention here.

— Ryan, 20

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