Never Expected

About twenty-five years ago, I worked with this gal that was cute but not Playboy material. She had a nice size three figure, but she was not big busted at all. We would talk a lot and have lunch together quite a bit. I was married, and she had boyfriends on and off. Well, it was Christmas time, and the company we worked for was going to take everyone out to dinner. Her car was in the repair shop, and she was taking public transit. So, she asked if I could take her to dinner and back home afterwards. I said that I would. She wanted to stop at home first to change. Once we got there, she wanted to take a quick shower. She offered me a glass of wine and had one for herself. As she walked off, I jokingly offered to wash her back. She said very firmly that I was a married man. Well, as I found out later, she had not had sex in a long time, and the wine and my offer started to get her very hot. All of a sudden she was standing in the kitchen with her towel wrapped around her and asked me if I'd like to help dry her off. Next thing I knew, I was giving her oral on the kitchen table when she said that she needed me in her. I pulled her up, and we had sex. It was great. Afterwards, she felt so badly that we never talked about it ever again. Ever since then, whenever I need to get aroused, I think back to it.

— Wayne, 55

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