Fed Up And Furious

This happened over eleven years ago. I was browsing the internet personals. I found an ad that two women had placed together looking for someone to club with them. They lived forty-five miles away, but I had nothing else to do that night. After exchanging appropriate info, I picked them up a couple of hours later. It turned out that one of the girls was underage, and they wanted to use the other one's ID to get them both in. I naively went along with their distraction scheme, which worked and got all three of us into the club. They didn't thank me for helping them get what they wanted. We found a table, and I bought them each a drink. They took the drinks and immediately left me to wander around the club looking for other guys. Needless to say, I was rather shocked that they would be so rude. I sat there for a couple of minutes. Then I went over to each of them (they had each found another guy) and asked each for a dance, separately. I attempted this twice. They both always said no with some lame excuse as to why they wouldn't go out on the floor with me. I stayed around the club for another forty-five minutes, but every other woman I saw there was attached to a date. Finally, I got fed up and figured they could find their own ride home fifty miles away. So, I slipped out of the club unnoticed by them and drove the two miles alone back to my own home. I never saw them again, of course, though a dark part of me wishes the guys they chose unwillingly took advantage of them in ways I never would have done.

— Jacob, 35

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