A Rock To Climb Under, Please

This one happened to me a little over a year ago. Like most dating disasters, it left me looking for a rock to climb under. I was working this party as the bartender. A lot of the local rich and semi-rich were there. After about an hour, this beautiful ray of sunshine appeared in the room. My jaw had to have dropped, but I was at work, and the large estate was a good gig. Later, she came over to the bar and ordered a drink. So, I took a chance and spoke with her. We had fun talking even though I was working at the time. Then, of course, some guy came over and asked her to dance. They drifted off, and I went back to work. About 1:00 a.m., we ran out of tequila, and rum, so I had to go downstairs to where the extra booze had been stored for the party. As I walked in, I could see that it was an atrium area with a large hot tub. The tub was bubbling and steaming but no one was around. I got the bottles of booze and turned to go upstairs when the same girl suddenly came up from under the water. Her long hair flew back, and then I saw she was naked. I kind of stopped, stunned, for a moment. I really couldn't move. I mean, this is like one of those "yeah, right" stories my buddies would always tell. I stood there frozen. She looked at me and smiled. I don't know what happened next, but suddenly I was in the tub with her, and that's when the owner of the place walked in. I could tell I was in trouble when he asked why I was naked in the tub with his wife. Needless to say, I didn't get paid for the work, and when all of the guests who were behind him saw what was going on, I knew it would be a long time before I got a job in my town again. And the girl, well, let's just say she was great. As for a date, It left me looking for a rock to climb under. Now, if I had only remembered my clothes.

— Allen, 24

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