Not My Type

I recently met a girl who had just moved here from Dallas. She was simply amazing and had a great body. She used to cheer for the Dallas Cowboys, but she broke her wrist and has had trouble ever since. I was actually surprised she said yes to a date, but I think of myself as a decent-looking guy, so it didn't surprise me too much. I had everything planned out for the evening. I had heard she liked sushi, so I found an incredible seafood restaurant on the bay. I'd also heard that she loved to go dancing, so I picked a club for us to visit. The night was going great until we ended up at the dance club. When we arrived, she started laughing and told me how much she enjoyed the place. I was a little confused because I thought she had just moved here. As the night went on, I noticed my date was quite friendly with a lot of other men at the club. All of a sudden the lights went off, and there she was in the middle of the floor, dancing erotically. She had actually started to take a few pieces of clothing off when the bartender pulled her off to the side and told her she was prohibited for doing that. I guess she had gotten in trouble prior to that night, and had been told never to do it again. I kind of wiggled my way out the door and never saw her again.

— Eddie, 33

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