How Romantic!

I dated this girl when I was a freshman in college. Her name was Gretchen and she seemed ok at first. Then, about the third date, she got very weird. I told her that I really liked her and wanted to have sex. She agreed, but told me I had to shower first so I would be clean. That was a bit weird, but I did it anyway. After I was done, I walked into her dorm room and she proceeded to examine me to make sure I was clean enough for her standards. She really said it that way too. Well, she was touching around my privates and I was getting pretty excited by it all and thinking maybe this wasn't so bad after all, when she got all upset that I was going too fast when she wasn't done yet. After the inspection, she rubbed antibacterial hand lotion all over me, and I mean all over. As soon as she was done, she told me to hurry up and do her before any germs got back on me. No foreplay, nothing. Just get on and do it as fast as possible, and all the while she's telling me she hopes she put enough cream on me to kill all the germs. Wow, how romantic! After we were done, I got dressed and left. She called me a few times after that, but I always found an excuse not to go out with her again. It was the worst date and sex I've ever had!

— Dan, 27

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