My Second True Love

Several years ago, while in med school, I met my first love. He worked in the canteen and slowly things got more serious. At the time, he was brilliant, and after a month and a half he invited me around for a Sunday roast with family. I couldn't believe it. For the first time, I was having an open, honest and grown up relationship, not someone who was embarrassed of who they, we, were. However, it didn't last. By the time I was twenty-one, I started to question myself. It just sizzled out, or what I wanted just changed. Three years later, I have found that initial spark that I once had in another — an unlikely source. In a weird turn of events, I met Kaley, my ex's sister, while she was working as a part time escort. I am now in love with her. My emotions are like a bottomless pit, in which love alone can reach. But we can't tell her family, as I parted with her brother in a very public and embarrassing scene. Will we be together? I don't know, but I'll always live in hope and be grateful for the times we have spent together.

— James, 32

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